Marine FishMaster | Deltec HLP 5250 Pump
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Deltec HLP 5250 Pump

Price per Unit (piece): £295.00

This pump is known for their high flow rate and pressure at relatively low power consumption. The range consists of five different models.If required, the pump performance can be selected through a 3 stage selector switch Energy savings of up to 60% are possible compared with conventional pumps.

This pump is extremely quiet in operation. All Deltec HLP Pumps are protected by a thermic motor switch. Oxyd ceramic shafts and bearings run in water (hydrostatic bearings) and are therefore free of wear and tear.

All models are available as ‘interval’ pumps. The standard pumps are equipped with an additional control unit regulating the performance stages and duration of the interval cycles from 3 seconds to max. 180 seconds.

Standard Pump –  * Max Flow Rate – 5800 lts (1289 G) * Max Head – 4.5M

Interval Pump –  * Max Flow Rate – 5800 lts (1289 G) : Min Flow Rate – 2500 lts (556 G) * Max Head – 5.2M : Min Head – 2.8M

Connections * Inlet/Suction – 32 mm * Outlet/Pressure – 32 mm * Height from the bottom of the pump base to outlet pipe center – 57mm

Power Consumption * 45-87W

Condition: 9 month old.