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What is UV Sterilization?

Successful UV Sterilization lies in the details! Science combined with established engineering guidelines. Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization is unmatched in its efficiency, simplicity and dependability when applied as a microorganism disinfectant. Understanding the science (the effect that UV-C light has over a living microorganism) is only the beginning. Learning and following the established engineering guidelines provides control and an objective to achieving successful germicidal disinfection.

UV Sterilizations Benefit :

Germicidal disinfection (directly exposing microorganisms to UV-C light) is unmatched by ozone or chlorine for simplicity and safety. Chlorine/bromine leaves a residual in the water that can irritate the skin and eye tissue of mammals. Ozone, if not measured and controlled properly, is capable of causing severe tissue damage, even death with fish and invertebrates. In contrast, UV treatment only takes place inside the UV exposure chamber and leaves no residual downstream, and therefore is harmless to the animals in the fish tank. UV sterilization is a proven solution to waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria and protozoa commonly associated with aquatic re-circulating systems.


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